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The term, Highly Acclaimed is not used lightly but these high traffic market-movers, make it so!


The reason they care about the VRFG is that men's watches (and vintage in particular) are hot properties among men AND women. Interest has never been higher and demand for vintage Rolex is leading the charge. These are hands-down the most desirable and collectible vintage watches, despite being the most challenging to get right. Knowledge is the key to a better way to collect and the only way to avoid being scammed in the murky waters of the pre-owned watch market.


So here is a short review of the latest reviews!



InsideHook is “the go-to news and luxury lifestyle recommendation platform for the affluent, on-the-go gent.” On OCTOBER 26, 2019 the editors said of The Vintage Rolex Field Guide, 


"A massive, borderline intimidating book on the iconic brand’s storied history. Less flashy photo book than exhaustive historical and mechanical document."

My rating of the review : 3.5 out of 5



Gear Patrol is an award-winning print and digital publication, store and content studio based in New York City. On OCTOBER 21, 2019 the editorial team said of The Vintage Rolex Field Guide,


"If you, too, enjoy vintage watches and wish to understand the source of all the passionate debate that is specifically vintage Rolex, then we have the perfect book for you. It’s called “The Vintage Rolex Field Guide,” from an Instagram account called @morning_tundra, and it’s pretty damn awesome."

My rating of the review : 5 out of 5


Watch Hunter Blog

One of the oldest and most respected independent watch blogs on the internet. On SEPTEMER 15, 2019 the author Andrew Hughes said of The Vintage Rolex Field Guide,  


"I think that The Vintage Rolex Field Guide would make an excellent holiday or birthday present for the avid Rolex watch fan. Or, beat your relatives to  he punch and just order one yourself. Knowledge is power… and this book has serious voltage!"

My rating of the review : 5 out of 5


Fratello Magazine

Fratello is an online watch magazine since 2004 and offers high-quality content with a personal touch. In 2012, they gave birth to the original #speedytuesday movement. Fratello has been recognized by other publications including New York Times, Financial Times, GQ Magazine, TopGear, Hodinkee, AskMen and many more. On SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 the staff writers said of The Vintage Rolex Field Guide,


"The Vintage Rolex Field Guide will be of great help for first-time buyers but also supports the serious collectors during their hunt. The book has a softcover but is also available in a digital format. As the name suggests, and the format support, it is meant to be carried around in your bag and should be taken out on the spot if you need to check some facts. Very useful when you find something interesting at trade shows or watch fairs."

My rating of the review: 5 out of 5


His Potion

While this site dates back to 2007, is a late bloomer but in the past 5 years has become one of the best men magazine online.


"It’s hard decoding vintage Rolexes, some may even call it an art. Help comes out from Instagram account @morning_tundra, a rather inconspicuous presence. The Vintage Field Guide comes packed with details, serial numbers and illustrations, ready to keep you digging for days."

My rating of the review: 4 out of 5

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John is an SEO Alchemist and has been reviewing watch books and forums for years. He was invited to rate four high profile reviews from the Fall of 2019.


"My ratings are based on the length of the review, the nature of the copy and the strength of the referring website. I factored in the volume of traffic that followed the review, the number of social media mentions and the number of direct book sales that can be attributed to the review. All in all, you did very well for a new book launch."


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