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  • This is an outstanding book not only for the beginner, but also for the collector. It has a vast amount of information from the 20's to current day giving the reader confidence to make the right choice when either purchasing a new vintage piece, or educating themselves about an heirloom. The detailed photos really helps the reader understand the text.                                                                 


    - PHILLIP RIDLEY CW21 Certified Watchmaker,  Ridley Watchmakers, Arlington TX USA

  • I love it. I'm going to write a review as a Rolex novice. I think it benefits 3 main groups of people, Rolex novices, Rolex Experts and also watch collectors in general...


    - ANDREW HUGHES, Watch Hunter Blog GA USA

  •  It is meant to be carried around in your bag and should be taken out on the spot if you need to check some facts. Very useful when you find something interesting at trade shows or watch fairs. Happy hunting!


    - TOMAS ROSPUTINSKY, Fratello Magazime

  • Everything you need in ONE BOOK. The amount of valuable in this book is, I'll admit... daunting. As a novice in this market, it's shocking how much I didn't know... not just about Rolex in general, but also the opportunity they represent. After reading The Vintage Rolex Field Guide I feel prepared to start buying and, more to the point, confident I'm not going to get scammed or overcharged. A great read, and en even better reference for anyone (even seasoned collectors). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


    - SIMON PAGE, Entrepreneur CO USA


  • We really like it. We have a new staff member that is learning how nuanced the Rolex brand is. Your book is gonna live at the very front of our shop. May need to take a photo of this for Instagram!


    - MIKE HUI, Rolliworks CA USA

  • This is a book that every vintage watch lover (and especially every vintage Rolex lover) is going to want to have quick access to.                   

    - OREN HARTOV, Gear Patrol NY USA

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