The Expanded Chevalier Edition Out Now!

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ISBN: 978-0578524801
Published: May 2020
Size: 8.5" x 11" & 2.5lbs
Pages: 275

196 vintage models
1,400+ distinct references
Timelines, charts, tables
Examples, photos, history
Watchmakers, restorers, dealers

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Loved by Critics & Collectors

A very well organized, comprehensive reference and fun read.


I’ve been using this book over the past month to evaluate watches for myself and other collectors. While not a flashy coffee table sized tome, it is well organized, easy to use and packed with valuable information. Its also a fun overview of the brand and its history. If you are a Rolex collector or contemplating diving into collecting, this book is a must. Combined with some of the excellent websites, this book is a powerful tool.

L. Smith, Nov 29, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, USA

Great gift.


Great gift for a watch lover.

Jennifer Watson, Jan 04, 2020
Amazon Bookstore, USA

Full of information.


Fine informative book for the novice Rollex collector or for the one specific piece researcher such as I.

Hector J Meruelo, SEP 17, 2020
Amazon Bookstore, USA

Love it!


The book provides rich information on Vintage watches.

Lawrence Lam, DEC 08, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, USA

A handy reference to vintage Rolex watches, plus other great advice.


This is the perfect book for Rolex watch collects who like the vintage models. 246 pages of well written text, killer illustrations, model timelines, photos, charts, tables, dial comparisons, hand and case nuances all make this book a great reference for anyone interested in the vintage Rolexes. I would also say that other information on how to safely and sensibly buy watches is great advice for ANY watch buyer, not just Rolex fans. This field guide is expertly compiled, well organized and beautifully designed. I think it might be a great and affordable book for the coming holiday seasons.

Andrew A. Hughes, Sep 22, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, USA

A Great Resource for Watch Enthusiasts!


This book is extremely informative about many different models of Rolex and goes into details about various years and the differences between models—down to the shapes/styles of different emblems as years go by. It makes a great reference with lots charts which tell you the details of the watches for that year, which help you to know more about the watch you’re purchasing. It also tells you about the history of the watch, including famous people who have worn that model. This guide is also very helpful in determining if a piece you are interested in buying is a fraud or not. It’s definitely a must have!

Francisco, Oct 19, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, USA



Excellent thorough practical guide to vintage rolex. Definitely upped by knowledge in this area.

User1, Oct 21, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, USA

Essential for every Rolex fan! Extensive details we need to know.


Excellent book for anyone interested in Rolex. Well worth the money for me. Sure there are a few spelling mistakes but so what the detailed content is first class and very useful indeed.

Dino, Jul 22, 2020
Amazon Bookstore, UK

Excellent primer into vintage Rolex


Starts with basic principles such as authenticity, originality & correctness + condition + where / how to buy. Also provides a good overview of antique, vintage and certain modern Rolexes. You will need to supplement this with more in-depth resources before diving (pun intended) into certain models. But a great first reference and one that helps build a firm foundation.

Horo1984, Mar 20, 2020
Amazon Bookstore, Singapore

Serious book for serious buyers!


I borrowed a copy of this whilst looking for a decent watch for a present. Absolutely great reference manual and helped me (first time buyer) avoid scam postings on eBay. Would recommend if you are new into the field and / or looking to buy your first Rolex.

G J Walker, Jun 15, 2019
Amazon Bookstore, UK